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Seba Calfuqueo

Screening + Talk


Thurday June 20th, 7 pm




La Cápsula and Les Complices* are pleased to welcome Seba Calfuqueo (*1991 Santiago,  Wallmapu/ Chile) for an evening in our shared space.

Seba´s video and performance work poetically tell stories of bodies of water and of occupied territories. With this, Seba critically addresses existing binary and extractive structures formed by colonialism. From their position as a Mapuche and trans artist, they present strategies of survival, resistance and reconnection to their surroundings.

Las Quilas (2021), 2:30 min
Mapu Kufüll (Landsea Food/Mushrooms), (2020) 5:33 min
Kowkülen (Liquid Being), (2020) 3 min
¿CHUMAL ELKANIENGEAL? (Why keep it?), (2023) 9:10 min

Seba Calfuqueo (*1991, Santiago, Wallmapu/ Chile) is a Mapuche trans artist and curator based in Santiago de Chile. A member of the Mapuche Rangiñtulewfü collective and contributor to Yene Revista, their work spans performance, installation, ceramics, and video. Calfuqueo explores indigenous and Western intersections, challenging stereotypes, and addressing feminism, queer theory, and environmental rights.

Their art is featured in collections like TATE Modern and Centre Pompidou and they have exhibited in major events such as the 60th Venice Biennale and the Whitney Biennial. Awards include Fundación FAVA (2018), Eyebeam’s Fractal Fellowship (2020), FAARA (2023), Premio Cuervo (2024) and just recently Unlimted Art Basel.

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