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Artist Talk 

María García Ibáñez

Thursday October 27, 2022, 6.30 pm

Event Location: SAE Greenhouse Lab, Häldeliweg 19, 8044 Zürich


María's projects investigate the many ways in which identity is shaped in relation to mobility and migration. She re-thinks and explores concepts such as house, origin and memory from a very personal perspective, and through a wide variety of visual elements: land, earth, maps, holes, walls, mountains, textiles, beehives...

Drawing is an essential part of her process, but her work includes sculpture, ceramics, the use of textile, bricks and glass. She is also co-founder of the project La Polinizadora, which in 2022 was one of the projects invited to the third Bienal UNAM (Mexico) "Intangible Resistance, ideas to postpone the end of the world". 


María García Ibáñez (ES) lives and works between Mexico City and Madrid. In this talk she will give an overview of her practice and talk about her current projects. During October 2022 she was the recipient of the Index Freiraum Stipendium. 

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