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Paloma Ayala (MX), Kadija de Paula (BR/CAN), Lívia Melzi (BR/FR), Mu (CH), La Polinizadora (MX/ES), Pedro Zylbersztajn (BR)

Opening Saturday May 27th, 2023, 6 pm (la_cápsula)

Opening Friday 2nd June, 2023, 6pm (SAE Greenhouse Lab)

Finissage Saturday 17th, June, 6pm 

6.30 Performative reading by Pedro Zylbersztajn 

followed by dinner by Paloma Ayala and Mu


Alimento is the kind of food that is full with nutrients. It is nourishing and it provides in sufficient amount what is needed for survival. For most mammals, breastmilk will be their first alimento: precious nourishment coming from their mother. For every living creature in this world, it will be the earth —that is, the soil beneath our feet, also known as Pachamama or Mother Earth— the provider of all necessary nutrients not only for survival, but for life itself to thrive.

But the question is, who nourishes the earth? Are we humans entitled to take alimento from the earth, without ever giving anything back? This exhibition deals with these questions and with the very provocative one: could we ourselves become alimento for the earth, for others? 

ALIMENTO investigates the act of nourishing and brings forward the topic of anthropophagy in order to explore food systems that are based on reciprocity/circularity with the earth, other humans and non-human entities, as well as to challenge extractivist, patriarchal, capitalist and colonial models.


With the participation of artists Paloma Ayala, Kadija de Paula, Lívia Melzi, La Polinizadora, Mu, Pedro Zylbersztajn and scientists Dr. Tania Galindo Castañeda, Dr. Sandra Smith Aguilar and Dr. Benjamin Wilde. 
In collaboration with SAE Greenhouse Lab of the Sustainable Agroecosystems group in ETH and Arvae.

ALIMENTO is the first of a series of 3 exhibitions entitled “Earth is the heaviest element” which addresses the need to de-construct and re-construct our relationship to the earth, other humans and non-human entities. It brings together the knowledge and practices of Latin American and Swiss artists and scientists, in order to suggest alternative ways of co-existing.
Curated by Adriana Domínguez


*Detailed information about the Symposium and the Finissage will be announced in June

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