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a place formerly unsuspected

a visual exploration on the process and idea of change

by Kalina Juzwiak (kaju.), Maja Juzwiak and Lara Shin

June 28th, 2019, 7 pm


For this show, the exhibition space becomes a place, formerly unsuspected, where three visual explorations of the process and the idea of change come together. Whether this change has its origin in a geographical displacement, in the end or the beginning of a cycle, or in an unstoppable process such as ageing, it doesn’t matter. Change is the one unchanging thing in life, and the abstract concept that Kalina Juzwiak (kaju), Lara M. Shin and Maja Juzwiak seek to transform into a visual experiment, inspired by their own personal experiences with facing and dealing with change. 

Lara’s interpretation of maps and Maja’s photographs are bound and intertwined together by the sets of lines designed by kaju directly on the walls, resulting in an assemblage of works that point in the direction of a space in constant flux, inviting viewers to imagine their own formerly unsuspected places.

In her poem Change Clarice Lispector wrote: “Change. but start slowly, because direction is more important than speed”. So has change taken place (and will continue to ocurre) at the exhibition space, since kaju’s intervention will develop throughout the duration of the show.

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