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Why we dance

An exhibition about movement, space and interaction

featuring Seline Baumgartner, Asphalt Piloten, Las Ramonas, Irene Cantero, Pascal Sidler and Angela Baumgartner

July 7th, 2018 @ Folium (Sihlcity, Zurich), Free entry

17:00 workshop with Liliana Torres

18:00 exhibition

20:00 / 21:30 performances by Las Ramonas and Irene Cantero

22:00 live music performance by Pascal Sidler

23:00 dj sets (DJ Violenta and DJ Revillo) and party! 

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Feet. They are good for standing up, for moving, and most certainly, for dancing. Buy why do we dance? This exhibition explores the idea of dance as a two-way conversation that engages all of our senses and makes us aware of our body in space, and most importantly, in relation to others. 

Why we dance is a one day event that will start at 5 pm with a workshop by Liliana Torres, to explore dance as a way of interaction (open to everyone). At 6 pm the exhibition will open its doors, showing 6 videos by artists and collectives working with dance in the field of contemporary art: Seline Baumgartner (CH), Asphalt Piloten (CH), Las Ramonas (MEX - UK) and Irene Cantero (ES). During the exhibition, Irene Cantero and Las Ramonas will be in charge of two live dance performances.


To finalize the evening there will be a party where everyone is invited to move their body the way they best please. The party will include a live music performance by Pascal Sidler (CH) and two sets by Dj’s Violenta (MEX) and Revillo (CH). A light artwork by Angela Baumgartner (CH) will frame the party. 

Why we dance has been curated by la_capsula for Expo Transkultur 2018

We thank Stadt Zürich Integrationsförderung, AVINA STIFTUNG and Contakt-Citoyenneté

for their generous support in the realisation of this project.

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