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wave · forms

Joanna Selinger & Mayar el Hayawan

June 10th, 2017   //  5 - 9 pm 

Artists talk + Q&A 8 pm 

Music and drinks after the show



For this audiovisual installation, the artists worked towards the visualization of natural phenomena, specifically tsunamis.With the help of the Sonifyer software (that translates data into sound) the artists were able to produce audible frequencies from the seismographic data. They created an experimental sound piece using the audio they produced with the Sonifyer. The idea was to then build an audio reactive script that allowed one to see not only the epicenters, but also the movements and rise of the (audio) waves. 

wave · forms presents these natural phenomena as profoundly ingrained in our planet’s inner structure, which allow us to step out of our too-human anthropocentric world view, and for a moment, think and imagine beyond our senses the grounds on which we stand. 

For more information check the Press Release 

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