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This too shall pass 

Solo exhibition of Sandra Salazar

Curated by MAPA 

September 17th - 24th, 2020




This too shall pass features the project by the same name of artist Sandra Salazar (PER), which was developed between 2016 - 2019. It is a subjective portrait of hegemonic masculinity and the self-critical body. This too shall pass is the body of the norm that serves, with explicit irony, as a resource to discover our ritualistic –egotistical– practice in the intimacy of our homes as a process of aesthetic learning. In the mise-en-scène, the photographic camera interrogates the fiction of reality, and thereby thematizes Peruvian art and its habitual representation of difference based on an always similar norm.

This too shall pass was first exhibited in Peru in march 2020 and travels to Zurich amended with a group of drawings that analyze the ideal body of the norm, the future global commodity. By leaving the original exhibition context of a traditional and conservative museum in the center of Lima behind, this show carries with it its recent past and unfolds in a dynamic present which will gradually move on and disappear. For this reason, the exhibition includes a personal Latin American glossary which the visitors are invited to collectively discuss and rework, thus providing the ideas and words to confront global masculinity.

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