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the making of a historiographical sculpture

an onstage documental exhibition of CCADDASM (Centro de Creación, Archivo y Difusión de Documentos de Arte Sonoro en México)

by Rolando Hernández

August 29th, 2019, 6 pm

CCADDASM (Centro de Creación, Archivo y Difusión de Documentos de Arte Sonoro en México) is an artistic institution established in 2015, that aims to create an alternate historiography of sound practices in Mexico.

Funded as an office open from Monday to Sunday for 3 months in Ex Teresa Arte Actual, a non objectual museum in downtown Mexico City, CCADDASM has been trying to create as well different aestethic devices like curatorial projects, symposiums, installations, texts, interviews that besides being that, they are part of Rolando Hernández's artistic production.

CCADDASM created the first documentation center for sound practices in the country; the first library for sound practices in Ex Teresa Arte Actual; as well as ADN, DDT, ITT, TNT & RTP: Las Obras Con Sonido del No Grupo, the first revision of the sondworks of this performance group; CCADDASM made the recreation of the famous 1985 'Música de Cámara' concert, one of the pioneers of sound art in Mexico and its working on the production of a documentary about art and music experimentation in the 80s looked trough Angel Cosmos's archive, a pioneer artist dead in 1993.

CCADDASM has been presented in Ex Teresa Arte Actual (MX), Tsonami Arte Sonoro (CHI), Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Oaxaca/MACO (Oaxaca, MX), Caja Panamericana de Improvisación/CP (CHI), Festival Internacional CuatroXCuatro (Chiapas, MX), Sul Ponticello (ES), Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (EC), Independent Curators Internatioinal Sympsiom (USA), Laboratorio de Literatura y Otras Materialidades LLEOM (MX), Centro Cultural Border (MX), Centro de la Imagen (MX) and Universidad Tres de Febrero UNTREF (ARG).

The making of a historiographical sculpture: an onstage documental exhibition of CCADDASM w​ill take as main characters some of the documents this institution has created/gathered throughout the last 4 years. This ​onstage documental exhibition​ will talk about some of the conceptual tools used to analyze and create an alternate historiography. In the hour and 20 minutes of duration we will see the different events/manifestations of sound practices that can take us back and forth from the 16th Century to the 21st Century in a non linear trip.

Rolando Hernández

His practice takes different tools from archive research, curatorship, writing, composition and art production. Since 2013 he is co-director and co-curator of Umbral a project space and festival which gathers practices interested in sound experimentation. Since 2015 he runs the artistic institution CCADDASM (Centro de Creación Archivo y Difusión de Documentos de Arte Sonoro en México) which has created different projects to create an alternate historiography of sound practices in Mexico.

As a composer, his work Topializ was studied for the PH D thesis “Componer la duración de la experiencia musical” from Santiago Astaburuaga and published by Marginal Frequency.

He has been awarded with the first latinoamerican residency Tsonami Arte Sonoro/Casaplan for his criticised project Basuraleza Muerta Viva. Also he received a merit shcolarship to assist to the Curatorial Intensice of ICI (Independent Curators International ) in Alumnos47 (MX City)

His work has been published and presented at places , presses and labels like : Gauss PDF, Caduc, Theme Park for Ear, Impulsive Habitat, Tsonami Arte Sonoro, Festival CuatroXCuatro, Labor Sonor,FotoPhono, Fonoteca Nacional, Cha`ak`abb Paaxil/Multiple Tap, among others.


Captura de pantalla 2019-06-20 a las 10.
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