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The Heart of the Forest 

Zürcher Olymp 

performative installation by Roscha A. Säidow

October 10th, 2019, 7.30 pm 




„The Heart of the Forest“ is a perfomative installation, a scientific proof and a cumbia-tic dance.

The Üetli-Gods fled their Olympus at the mystic mountain. They are among us, to share their story and open the Heart of the Forest to us. Meet this long-forgotten dynasty and dance around the altar. Bring something to offer to the Gods as a sacrifice.


The northern hillside of the Üetliberg is home of a Gods Family. That’s why it’s called Zürcher Olymp, which sounds big, but actually this Olympus is much smaller then its international companions. In defense it just needs to fit a handful of gods, the so-called Üetli-Gods. The Zürcher Olymp was inhabited around 130 million years ago shortly after the Üetliberg rose out of the Atlantic Ocean. Therefore it is home to one of the oldest races of Gods of northern Switzerland.

What the...?
In summer 2019 the artist Roscha A. Säidow climbed up the Üetliberg when inspiration hit her: the traces of climate change, the aching forest but also the beauty of enchanted paths were telling stories. So Roscha returned with scissors and rope and started to built masks / characters and stories right their in natures workshop. Day after day she spend working in the forest. Finally this race of Gods was born and wants to be certified by history.

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