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museum of neoextractivism

performative presentation

Colectivo Etcétera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

May 9th, 2019, 7pm


Colectivo Etcétera (Buenos Aires, Argentina) presents the MUSEUM OF NEOEXTRACTIVISM.

The MUSEUM OF NEOEXTRACTIVISM is a nomadic project that adopts different exhibition formats according to the space, institution and context to which it moves. The project arises from an investigation carried out by the Colectivo Etcétera about the so-called neoextractivist model and its consequences for the environment, social health and human rights.

Within the framework of ProHelvetia's program COINCIDENCIA – Swiss & South American Cultural Exchanges, Colectivo Etcétera arrives in Switzerland as part of a research trip for the project that will have its next public appearance in June 2019 at the Bienal Sur.

In a perfomative presentation on May 9 at la_cápsula, the artists - also founders of the "international" errorist movement - will introduce us to their artistic practice in a brief tour of the history of the group, the project and the research that will be carried out in Switzerland.


Colectivo Etcétera's research trip is generously supported by:

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