Le Départ

(Architectures of Memory)


A project by Derzu Campos

in collaboration with Juan Pablo Ramírez, Perla Castañón, Pablo Delgado. 

Music by Turning Torso 

Exhibition from 6th - 26th August, 2022


Screenshot 2022-05-04 at 12.36.07.png

In August 2022 la_cápsula will present a solo exhibition by Mexican artist Derzu Campos, featuring the artist’s most important art project until now: Le Départ (architectures of memory)Starting from a science fiction narrative that leads to a historical account and unravels a series of personal memories, Le Départ is an audiovisual project consisting of a black and white slide projection within an audiovisual installation.


Taking the 50th anniversary of the 1968 student movements as a starting point, the work consists of a comparative search between different personal, historical, aesthetic, and speculative spaces in time intervals (1968 - 2018 - 2068 - ∞) where a reading of the past - personal, historical - in search of portents of the future, collapses time into a discontinuum that breaks with its apparent linear hegemony.

The search for analogies, for associations between images that are very dissimilar (personal photographs, iconic images from history and popular culture, memes, film stills, abstract paintings and a Photo-roman), as well as the breaking up of the nostalgic feeling make up the fundamental elements of the work. Consequently, the piece fulfils a retrospective function and simultaneously points to the future. In the end, the work could also be seen as a love letter to science fiction, Walter Benjamin’s Theses on the Philosophy of History, and the utopian movements of the last century.

Conceiving the piece as a cinematographic work, the projection is accompanied by a soundtrack composed specifically for the project by Mexican musician and producer Turning Torso.

The exhibition at la_cápsula will feature the slide projection and an immersive installation consisting of sound, light tubes and a floating sphere that will occupy the main exhibition room at the space. 

About the artist

In his artistic work, Derzu Campos (1980, Mexico) imagines the future through post-apocalyptic scenarios in which science fiction, underground culture and political commitment coincide. Making use of various media (video, photography, sculpture, biomaterials, installation, performance) – his work presents a static world dominated

by fear that begins to collapse and liquefy into toxic waste, where the vestiges of the past that tormented History are finally redeemed, opening the space for tomorrow’s possibilities.


Derzu Campos obtained a master’s degree with merit in visual arts from Goldsmiths University of London in 2015. Recent projects and exhibitions include: Salón Acme, (CDMX, 2022), El delirante orden de las cosas, Palmera Ardiendo,  (MX, 2021), MXII Salón de Arte y Ciudad (CDMX, 2020); ALC Videoart Festival (Alicante, ES, 2019); Galería Breve (CDMX, 2018); BIENALSUR (International Biennial of Contemporary Art of South America, 2017); la_cápsula/Kunstraum Walcheturm (Zürich, CH, 2017); Chalton Gallery (London, UK, 2015).


He is currently a member of the National System of Art Creators (SNCA) 2020-2023 (National Endowment for Culture and Arts (FONCA)) and has been the recipient of the Jóvenes Creadores Fund (2010-2011), both from FONCA (National Endowment for Culture and Arts), as well as the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises (2015) and the Goldsmiths Enterprise Award (2015). Outstanding academic experience includes the coordination of the illustration program of the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana (2017-2020), and the Audiovisual Projects Workshop of the master’s degree in Photography and Visual Studies of Centro ADM, both in Mexico City.