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Finissage Samstag  11. März, 6pm

7pm "Con Con Constructivo" Lyre-Choir will sing songs inspired by the exhibition

Manuel Bauer, Hansjörg Glattfelder, María García Ibáñez,  Maja Hürst, Reto Kaufmann,

Conrad Meier and Candido Storni.

Vernissage Thursday March 2nd,  2023, 6 pm

Opening times:

3.3.     14-19

4.3.     11-16

8.3      12-19

9.3      14-19

10.3.   14-19

11.3.   11-16 & Finissage from 18

Flyer Singen jetzt.jpeg

Fácil is an exhibition that explores constructivist, geometric and abstract art in the work of three generations of artists, looking closely at the elements that bring them together and at the same time, apart. 


It is a visual experiment and a collaboration out of the ordinary, between la_cápsula and a group of seven artists who move along the lines —literally— of constructivism and abstraction (some more than others) and who shift the attention (most of the time) from the content to the form. 


What looks easy (fácil) is in reality a display of precision and mastery of the technique: whether in painting, woodworking, collage or photography. What looks even or uniform, is in reality full of exceptions and peculiarities.


Fácil also hides a lot of complexity below the surface. What starts as a very clean, spacious installation in the main room of the exhibition, becomes intricate and overflowing in the second room. In the same manner, mathematical calculations, the study of color and shapes, observations of everyday events, and even political statements hide behind the surface of the artworks. 


Curated by Reto Kaufmann

Text Adriana Domínguez

Participating artists:

Manuel Bauer (CH, lives and works in ZH), Hansjörg Glattfelder (CH, lives and works in Basel),

María García Ibáñez (ES/MEX, lives and works in Mexico), Maja Hürst (CH, lives and works between Zürich and Berlin),

Reto Kaufmann (CH, lives and works in ZH), Conrad Meier (CH, lives and works in ZH), Candido Storni (CH, lives and works in ZH)

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