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With works by Paula Baeza Pailamilla, Isaac Contreras, Mónica Naranjo Uribe and Mathias C. Pfund

Curated by Adriana Domínguez

Finissage Saturday September 30th, 2023

Artist talk by Monica Naranjo Uribe, 6pm


Finissage ELSEWHERES, with the talk "The Cosmos inside the Earth" by artist Monica Naranjo Uribe.


Mónica's work stems from an interest in the intimate experience of territory and its representation. In recent years, she has focused on geology, looking for a way to understand places from their physical condition, beyond their political boundaries. In 2022, she did a residency in Yucatan, Mexico, where she focused on doing research about cenotes (natural underground reservoirs of water that occur in the limestone of Yucatan), which are a landmark of the natural environment in the region. In her talk "The Cosmos inside the Earth" Monica will present a part of her research and some of the works that resulted from her investigation.


ELSEWHERES takes a look at disciplines that excavate the ground searching for the past or the "roots" of our civilisations. Unearthing the most fascinating material remains left by past societies or animal species, archeology and palaeontology have been regarded as disciplines that "reveal" the truths of the past. But being rooted on western scientific parameters, they have inevitably perpetuated colonial discourses. The exhibition addresses this problematic and, in parallel, explores some of the other histories that objects, fragments and bones tell.

ELSEWHERES is the second exhibition of the series “Earth is the heaviest element” which addresses the need to de-construct and re-construct our relationship to the earth, other humans and non-human entities. The exhibitions bring together the knowledge and practices of Latin American and Swiss artists and scientists, in order to suggest alternative ways of co-existing.

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