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Be water, my friend

A one evening exhibition/event featuring Betzabé García, Angela Baumgartner and Pascal Sidler

April 28th, 2018

18:00 exhibition

20:00 screening of Kings of Nowhere by Betzabé García 

(Golden Eye Best International Documentary at the Zurich Film Festival, 2015)

22:00 live music performance by Pascal Sidler


Cheap drinks & free popcorn

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In his famous last interview, Bruce Lee used water as a metaphor for the ability of humans to adjust to all situations in life. “Empty your mind”, he said, “be formless, shapeless —like water. (…) Water can flow, or it can crash. Be water, my friend” (1971). This ambivalence of water —being the primeval source of life and also the bearer of change, destruction and death— is the idea behind the fourth cápsula


Water as a common thread flows among the artworks of the exhibition, going from the symbolic to the most tangible aspects of it, such as the environment, its links to science and technology, and our future on Earth. 


Like oceans, those multilayered bodies of water from which we usually only see the surface, our Western way of thinking, based in the concept of progress, entails numerous layers of sediments, meanings and consequences. Some of the developments derived from this idea of progress have flowed, improving the quality of human life, but some have also crashed, generating ruins and victims.


In this exhibition, Betzabé García’s film Kings of Nowhere, together with Angela Baumgartner´s works and Pascal Sidler’s paintings explore and question the flowing and crashing of water as a natural element, but also of the ideals of our current technological progress. 


From the tangible to the intangible, the works in the show go with the flow.

Empty your mind and be water, my friend. 

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